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Acronia News

Manual Update + Changelog

Here is a full change log of what to expect once the server is updated.

- Ring 'Recruit Board 2' has been fixed.

- Fixed the trade bug where players would have to party with each other to trade items between each other. [Already Added]

- Added new type of Violin as Bard/Cardinal Weapon. Any class can equip it but it's mostly for Bard/Cardinal Song skills.

- Violin and Viel's Violin now use the motions of Violin playing when attacking or casting Music Skills (Loop only).

- Added Super Idol Daisy & Top Idol Lily to Old Coin rewards.

- Wooden Box 1 now has a low chance of containing a Poring Pet.

- West Vending Shopkeeper now sells the right 'Trap Tool'.

- Orange Ticket has been removed from ECO Shop.

- Pet Poring can possibly be obtained using Plant Knowledge when subjugating a Poring.

- Elegant Lady (Downtown) Clean-Up Quest now work properly; she will no longer issue out Miner quest.

- Elegant Lady (Downtown) Clean-Up Quest are fully translated thus should display in English.

- Levantein Sword no longer completes as the Material Sword <Subject to change in the future>, it becomes the actual sword.

- Homunculus Ferion no longer gives a great deal of EXP/Job EXP. [Nerfed]

- Demon no longer gives a great deal of EXP/Job EXP. [Nerfed]

- DEM Leveling Book will allow DEM Players to exchange their Base EXP for Levels. [This is a temporary work around to because the CL Gauge gets stopped at a certain number.]

- DEMs can now Level from 63 to 107.

- Fixed some DEM Parts missing Lower Body parts. [If you never saw this. Thank heavens.]

- Fixed Some Human_ Type pets Missing Lower Body parts. [If you never saw this. Thank heavens.]

- Fixed Some Monster_ Types missing Lower Body parts. [If you never saw this. Thank heavens.]

- Fixed Furniture so the client doesn't freeze and crash. *However if you try to rotate or relocate furniture you become 'stuck' and have to force logout.

- Juicy Smoked Meat can be made with Lv.3 Cook Skill.

- Changed Pet_Nekomata's so their stats will be displayed.

- Thira's Hunger request is now active on Tiny Island.

- Catty are now known as Nekomata. [Yes I'm noting every little change I do. That is the purpose of a changelog.]

- Talk to 'Disciple of Dr.' in the DEM Lab Uptown to get the DEM Levelling Book.

Manual Patch Is Now Available: Manual Patch Feb. 7th, 2015 (23.73 mb)

Just a reminder; The server part is not updated yet; so you will not likely see "some" things appear in game just yet.

- Leafa

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