Trader is the first advancement job of Merchant. They are the master of trades and are able to buy and sell items in the best prices available. With the help of Mercenary Soldiers, they are able to get through tough adventures.

Job Change QuestEdit


  • Reached the minimum Job Level of 30.


  1. Talk to the Merchant Master on 4F of Guild Palace at Acropolis City Uptown.
  2. Gather and deliver 10 Crest Paper to Gordo in the Quest Cafe in Northern Promenade.
  3. Gather and deliver 10 Antidote Fruit to the Igloo in Eternal Northern Boundary.
  4. Gather and deliver 10 Giant Barley Flour to the Pet Shop in East Cape. Giant Barley Flour is made from Giant Barley, which can be made from Giant Barley Straw.
  5. Gather and deliver 10 Bottled Oil to Franz in Lower Iron South City. He's that guy working alone in the building beneath the dungeon.
  6. Gather and deliver 10 Bouquet to the Guild Palace Guide on the 4th Floor. Bouquet is made from 4 Flower.
  7. Talk to the Merchant Master to become a Trader.



Icon Job Level Name Max Level Cost Range Description Type
Generic Skill 1 Iron Stomach 5 - - Increase food items' recovery value. Passive
Go! 1 Go! 5 - - Order a pet to attack an enemy. Active
Generic Skill 3 Merchants Credit 1 - - Increase your maximum credit limit to sell high priced items. Passive
Return! 5 Come Back! 1 - - Order a pet to stop attacking an enemy. Active
Generic Skill 5 Handbag Mastery 5 - - Increase Minimum Attack Strength of Bag items. Passive
Generic Skill 10 Human Knowledge 5 - - Increase Item Drop Rate of Human type monsters when successfully cast. Passive
Tip 10 Generous Tip 5 G 30/60/90/120/150 - Tip an extra 30 gold to your Mercenary Soldier to randomly enhance his special abilities. Active
Generic Skill 15 Escape 5 - - Temporarily increase Movement Speed when you fulfil certain requirements. Passive
Attaching 15 Risk Shift 5 SP 15/18/21/25/30 - Force your attack to attack a Party Member that you select instead. Active
Generic Skill 18 Physical Training 3 - - Increase Right Handbag's damage depending on the bag's item content and weight. Raising Bag Mastery skill's level increases this skill's damage. Passive
Additional Charge 20 Extra Service Charge 5 G 50/80/50/120/100 - Spend an extra 50 gold for your Mercenary Soldier use a skill. This skill's level determines which skill the Mercenary Soldier uses. Active
First Aid 20 First Aid 3 SP 4/5/6/7/8 self Consume 1 First Aid item to immediately treat wounds. Active
Generic Skill 23 Increase Mercenary Soldier's HP Regeneration 3 - - Increase a Mercenary Soldier's HP Restoration Rate. Passive
Assist Attack 25 Battle Encouragement 5 SP 5/12/20/27/35 MP 5/10/15/20/25 - Add the possessor's Physical Attack Strength to the possessed character's Attack Strength. Active
Critical Encouragement 28 Critical Encouragement 3 MP&SP 5/10/20 - When used in Spiritual Possession status this skill enables the possessed character's next attack to inflict Critical damage. Active
Incitement 30 Instigation 5 SP 15/18/21/25/30 - Lure a monster and make it attack one of your enemies. Active
Generic Skill 30 Trader Spirit 1 - - This skill increases the possessed character's battle capabilities during Spiritual Possession status. Your stats affect these stat enhancements. Passive
Generic Skill 33 Networking 1 - - Become capable of befriending certain NPCs. Passive
Human Analysis 35 Human Analysis 3 - self Advanced Human Knowledge skill which increases Item Drop Rate of Human type monsters when successfully cast. Active
Generic Skill 40 Increase Reinforcement Chance (CRI) 5 - - Increase the success chance of reinforcing weapons by using Critical Crystals. Passive
Guts 40 Frantic Efforts 1 - - Enables movement when Capacity and Weight capacities have exceeded the maximum limit. You can only double amount of your Capacity and Weight limit. Active
Summons Merchant 43 Summons Merchant 1 SP 35 - Summons a merchant, which you are able to buy items from and sell items to. Active
Smash Beat 45 Bag Smash 3 SP 12/14/16/18/20 1 Rapidly attack a target with a bag for a random number of strikes. Active
Common Mercenary 47 Common Mercenary 3 1 Summons various kinds of Bandits to attack for you.

Lv 1: Summons and control a Bandit Mercenary.

Lv 2: Summons and control a Guild Mercenary.

Lv 3: Summons and control a Dominion Mercenary.

Drop Burst 50 Drop Burst 5 1 Increases Rare Item Drop Rate when successfully cast. Active
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